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6135A/PMUCAL system  

6135A/PMUCAL Phasor Measurement Unit Calibration System »

The 6135A/PMUCAL system is the only fully automated and traceable PMU calibration system available today. It fully complies to the IEEE C37.118.1™-2011 and section 7 of IEEE C37.242:2013 standards for PMU operation and verification.

1586A Super-DAQ  

1586A Super-DAQ Precision Temperature Scanner »

The 1586A Super-DAQ is the most accurate and flexible data acquisition system on the market. It scans and records temperature, dc voltage, dc current, and resistance for up to 40 input channels and scan speeds as fast as 10 channels per second. The Super-DAQ can be configured for use as a multi-channel data logger in the factory or as a precision reference thermometer for benchtop sensor calibration in the lab.

2638A Hydra Series III  

2638A Hydra Series III Data Acquisition System/Digital Multimeter »

The Fluke Hydra Series III continues the Hydra Series legacy of precision, multi-channel data acquisition. The new Series III improves on Hydra's industry-leading thermocouple accuracy and adds a new dimension to how you collect and view data in a portable system.


5730A Multifunction Calibrator »

The 5730A Multifunction Calibrator delivers the most accurate dc/low-frequency performance, building on the proven foundation of the 5700A/5720A calibrators. It features improved accuracy and a full-color touchscreen display to make it easier than ever to calibrate a wide range of digital multimeters.

3130 Portable Pressure Calibrator   

3130 Portable Pressure Calibrator »

The 3130 Portable Pneumatic Pressure Calibrator is ideal for calibrating pressure transmitters, transducers, gauges and similar devices. The 3130 contains everything you need to generate, control and measure pressure, as well as read the output of the device under test (DUT).

2700G Series Reference Pressure Gauge  

2700G Series Reference Pressure Gauges »

The 2700G Reference Pressure Gauges provide best-in-class performance in a rugged, easy-to-use, economical package. Improved measurement accuracy allows it to be used for a wide variety of applications. It is ideal for calibrating pressure measurement devices such as pressure gauges, transmitters, transducers, and switches. In addition, it can be used as a check standard or to provide process measurements with data logging.


9190A Ultra-Cool Field Metrology Well »

The Fluke Calibration 9190A Ultra-Cool Field Metrology Well is the most accurate and stable cold temperature dry-block on the market, with a wide temperature range of –95 °C to 140 °C. It's ideal for applications that demand strict quality control and regulatory process compliance.

7526A Precision Process Calibrator  

7526A Precision Process Calibrator »

The Fluke Calibration 7526A Precision Process Calibrator offers the best balance of economy and accuracy for benchtop calibration of temperature and pressure process instrumentation. Easily calibrate RTD and thermocouple readouts, pressure gauges, temperature transmitters, digital process simulators, data loggers, multimeters and more.