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2271A Industrial Pressure Calibrator

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The 2271A Industrial Pressure Calibrator enables calibration laboratory managers to calibrate and test pressure transmitters and gauges -100 kPa to 20 MPa, all in one simple-to-automate box.

A 2271A calibrator is the best choice for you if:

  • You are just starting out in pressure calibration. It offers wide pressure measurement capabilities in one instrument.
  • You want a solution that your less experienced technicians can use. The 2271A is super easy to set up and use. Plus it calibrates many different types of sensors and gauges so technicians can use it over and over again, the same way every time.
  • You want to make your pressure calibrations more efficient. The 2271A can be automated with COMPASS® for Pressure software to increase consistency and throughput.

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Choose the modules

The 2271A is now available with two types of pressure measurement modules, giving you even more choices to balance accuracy and workload coverage with expense.

Compare the PM200 and PM500 Pressure Measurement Modules

Good: PM200 Pressure Measurement Modules

0.02 % FS specification makes it ideal for calibrating or testing pressure dial gauges, lower accuracy transmitters, or pressure switches.

PM500 Pressure Measurement Modules

Better: PM500 Pressure Measurement Modules

Promotion: Purchase a 2271A and PM500 module and get one additional PM500 module for half the price. Action is valid till 31.12.2018.

Better: PM500 Pressure Measurement Modules

0.01 % reading measurement uncertainty from 50% to 100% for most ranges provides 2x the accuracy at full scale and 4x the accuracy at mid-scale compared to the PM200.

Compare the uncertainties

Uncertainty comparison

Uncertainty comparison Graph

Compare the measurement ranges

Good: PM200 Pressure Measurement Modules

21 measurement ranges from -100 kPa to 20 MPa (-15 to 3000 psi) enable you to cover a basic workload of pressure gauges and sensors.

Better: PM500 Pressure Measurement Modules

46 ranges, from -100 kPa to 20 MPa (-5 to 3000 psi) to choose from. More ranges give you more flexibility to match pressure range to device under test.

Compare the prices

Good: PM200 Pressure Measurement Modules

Economic price point means you can afford more modules, including backup modules that you can swap out to avoid downtime during module calibration.

Better: PM500 Pressure Measurement Modules

You’ll spend more for this module but you’ll get a significant boost in accuracy and flexibility. Choose the solution that best fits your workload and budget.