8588A Reference Multimeter

The world's most stable digitizing multimeter

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Spring Promotion

Take advantage of this spring’s specials from Fluke Calibration. We’re offering promotional bundles and other attractive deals of some of our popular products.

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Discover the new 8558A 8.5 Digit Multimeter

5 mega-samples-per-second high resolution digitizing for system automation in labs and manufacturing test

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New: 5322A Electrical Safety Tester Calibrator

Calibrate your entire electrical safety tester workload even more easily and efficiently.

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Buy more - Pay less !

Save 10% on equipment and software to set up or expand your temperature calibration lab.

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Increase productivity by automated calibration

Buy MET/CAL/TEAM and get the MET/TEAM Portal for free. Save 20%.

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8270A Pressure Controller/ Calibrator

Purchase the 8270A Pressure Controller/  Calibrator with a Pressure Control Module and get a PM600 Pressure Measurement Module for half the price.

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Request a demonstration of the 5322A Electrical Safety Tester Calibrator now and receive after the demonstration a 4.000 mAh Type C Powerbank.

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High-pressure calibration and characterization in a production process


Did your MET/SUPPORT Gold contract expire? You now can still get a new MET/SUPPORT Gold contract for the renewal price, meaning with 10% off.

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Just released: NEW Fluke Calibration Short Form Catalog

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